$700 fix

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Re: $700 fix

u007 wrote:

I don't think it should matter where you bought it, or who was the original owner.

You have in your possession an expensive piece of equipment with a WELL KNOWN design flaw. It should be fixed. Fuji should fix it as a matter of courtesy and pride in their own products.

It's not like the fix will cost them much. But the damage to their reputation, and the fact that you will likely never buy from them again will probably cost them much more in the long run.

edit: I forgot to mention, if you haven't already, tweet this to the official Fuji twitter account, and post it on their own forums and customer feedback center. They also have a section on the official X100 site for user reviews. Make sure to make your point clear that you have a defective camera that they won't fix. Fuji also use Google Plus, so harass them on there too.

Excellent post with GREAT ideas!

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