sz-31 mr or zs20???

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Mike Paterson
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Re: sz-31 mr or zs20???

Paul T. wrote:

There was something that I meant to say about that comparison site, but forgot.

It's useful but, as you've probably found out, also quite crude. What really annoyed me was that if you look at the "score" page, here:

you'll see that the SZ-31MR scored 217.5 and the ZS20 (TZ30) scored 277.5. That's why the ZS20 was "100" and the SZ-31MR was only "78". From that, you'd think that there was no contest, the ZS20 (TZ30) wins hands down!

However, one of their considerations is "Popularity", with the SZ-31MR being awarded 10 points and the SZ20 awarded 60 points. That 50 difference is almost equal to the overall 60 difference.

To make out that one camera is so much better than another just because it's "popular" (popularity of each camera based on which cameras users view, compare, and shop for most often) is absolutely ridiculous.


And is the very fact Paul I never use that site for reviews.

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