Modern film scanners

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Re: Modern film scanners

Yes, the digital world is always changing. Just as there were records before 8 tracks, cassette tapes, cd's and mpeg's for sound recordings. So it is for images. Someday there will be a new digital format. There are still records and still ways to get recordings from records, there will be film and ways to scan film. Many people feel there is more soul in records/film than mpeg's/jpegs, and still try to get that analog sound/look. People who grew up listening to records lament the sound of mpeg's. Mpeg's and jpegs are lacking bit depth and are prone to compression artifacts.

I know film fades, but it is still usable decades out. Hard drives fail in less than a decade, become obsolete and incompatible with future technology. How many computers have you had in the past few years? How quickly does your iPod die? Digital has always been about convenience and ease of sharing. I'll admit that raw formats are getting to technical excellence, with a lot of potential, but what kind of permanence is there with something that can be destroyed with the wave of a strong magnet?

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