Fibonacci number (?) or sequence (?) in photography. Please explain simply.

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Re: Wishful thinking

Vlad S wrote:

Len_Gee wrote:

Reaseon is because something called the Fibonacci number (?) or sequence (?) always exist in good photographs. I think the pro was referring to the Golden Means or Rule of Thirds (?). I think it is some kind of Algebra or Gemomery. I don't know which.

So, I don't know if mathematics can be sepereated from making good pictures.

Actually, the tests show that there is no preference for the framing that corresponds to specifically Golden ratio. If you look up the measurements for Parthenon, it is also not built around Golden ratio. The actual measurements are all inexact, because the accuracy was not that great (the outstanding precision of the ancient builders is very much a myth), but overall the measurements seem to correspond to the ratio 4/3.

It's amazing the number of myths people believe in, isn't it. I have seen so many times people 'forcing' classical figures to 'fit' the golden ratio, like this picture someone posted above:

That image fits almost any ratio you want. It's no surprise that so many people believe in ETs...

The only thing classic art applied was "aesthetic composition" (for which tons of books have been written), that in many ways approached the rules of thirds (or the golden ratio) of course. That, added to the fixation Greeks have with math and the zillion works of arts made by mankind in its history with any ratio you want made the myth.

People see whatever they want to see.


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