Fibonacci number (?) or sequence (?) in photography. Please explain simply.

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Re: Fibonacci number (?) or sequence (?) in photography. Please explain simply.

RMillward wrote:

To me, your "explanations" sounds like someone pontificating on something they don't fully understand but nevertheless wish to be seen to be an "expert."

MMmm.... interesting... And why do you think I'm not an 'expert'... and on what?

An alternate view might be: the Fibonacci Grid (which is the correct term when referring to artistic representation) and the Goldeon Ratio are inextricably linked with 2,500 years of Western art and composition (that you can free form compose pictures that turn out ok probably says more about your absorption of that cultural environment than your engineering knowledge). if you HAD any formal art training - which every photographer who wants to take more than vacation snaps would benefit from - you'd already know the Fibonacci Grid is not a LAW, it is a GUIDELINE. Learn to "see" it, and your photographs will improve. Even you could probably learn it within hours, were you not so willfully obtuse and apparently stuck on demonstrating how little you actually know, I sincerely hope the OP is not deterred from purusuing this because of your pompous and ill-informed rants.

Could you please enlighten us explaining why the golden ratio is so much better than, say, the rule of thirds or 21/13? That is: could you please point out ANY photography where applying the golden ratio gives an essentially different composition from applying the rule of thirds?

If not, please, keep your insults to yourself.


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