where is 24-70 mk2? its like watching paint dry

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Re: Agreed...

canon about the best of all camera manufactures in keeping their product in stock and available for their customers when it come to lenses and other product ,are you kidding go and take a look at nikons lenses stock at b&h half of their lenses out of stock all the time especially their outdated line of telephotos also the verity of lenses that canon have is not available from any other manufacture for example when it come to 400mm range we in canon get to chose between 400mm f5.6L, 400mm2.8L ii ,100-4005.6 and soon 200-400 f4 not to mention the best TSE lenses range from 17mm to 90mm and best macro lens in the world the mpe65mm and the huge selection of primes.

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