a serious competitor to K-30 (650D)...

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Marc Sabatella Veteran Member • Posts: 6,679
Re: a serious competitor to K-30 (650D)...

Gary Martin wrote:

Marc, I usually agree with you, but I'm going to have to disagree with you here. The presence of accessories in the marketplace, even if they don't sell a whole lot, give an indication of support and an upgrade path, even if illusory. A lot of people move to Canon and Nikon because of all the accessories, especially high-end stuff that they will probably never buy, just because they like to have options. The availability of a grip for the K-30 would have only added to its appeal. Not a deal-breaker for me, just an observation.

Not much a disagreement, then :-). I certainly agree with everything you said. I'm not saying there aren't advantages to having a grip, just that these market realities are probably why there isn't one. Whether it is the right tradeoff or not is hard to say.

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