Fibonacci number (?) or sequence (?) in photography. Please explain simply.

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Re: Fibonacci number (?) or sequence (?) in photography. Please explain simply.

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luisflorit wrote:

... Just because you generally don't have to place your subject dead centered for composition does not mean that it has some relationship with the golden ratio 2/(1+sqrt(5)) ~ 0.61803398874989484820... Actually, not even with 2/3 ~ 0.66666... (rule of thirds).

Where to place your subject depends on each picture, and 0.61 or 0.62 would not make any visual difference no mater which subject and picture.

Sometimes I follow the "Rule of Halfs" religiously ... but the most versatile approach is the conservative approach of "Rule of Leave Some Slop" (when capturing), followed by the "Rule of Carefully Crop" (in processing) - as (at least my own) eyes are very sensitive to placement of subject matter, but I never know quite what will please them most until I crop in post-processing.

Absolutely. Each picture demands it's own aesthetics.

Even for cropping. Some people claim that you have to maintain the Full Frame ratio (24/36 = 2/3) when cropping because it's the aesthetic ratio. Truth is that the Full Frame size origin was a manufacturing decision based on economy of materials that had nothing to do with any "magic" aesthetic ratio.

BTW, the people that spread this kind of things, would allow me to use 13/21 instead of the golden ratio?


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