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Re: First time post here :) Be gentle


Great work!

(the problem i was having with the original is the mid region of the stump - it had no differentiation from the bush each side of it (the bottom was great, and the top with the city gives a sense of depth and scale).

You have pulled the middle out nicely!

I agree with you.. after thinking of it a lot it seems that a photo has a small part of the photographer in it, any picture that makes you think or concentrate on it is a good photo.. good for good reasons or good for 'bad' reasons (bad = having an unsettling effect, if you follow me).

if you read my previous post, you'll see I've tried and failed. Even with your new one, while the middle stump area is nicer to look at, the city top bit of the original 'feels' better..

Picky, I know.. it's hard to please some people, isn't it.. (grin)

Trust me here, I DO like both images...

Matt Swanson wrote:

So took a crack at another shot I took the same day (with a smaller aperture and thus more background blur) - processed pretty much the same way (with some additional dodging and burning to further separate back from foreground) - just curious if this helps what you were talking about. I see a big difference between the two, and don't necessarily like either one better...just differently.

Thanks again for the comments.

(I'm also attaching the original one below it to contrast)


FeedMe wrote:

Matt Swanson wrote:


Thanks so much! I love criticisms like this...really made me go back and take a look at the shot and reevaluate. I actually took several of that shot, some with much smaller aperatures to help accentuate the distinction, but ultimately something about this one...and it may actually BE the fact that they're similarly patterned...spoke to me.

If it speaks to you, then that's what is important - my opinion might be 'wrong', I might be alone in thinking that it need to be sparated from the background.

The trouble with all of this is photography is a very subjective thing - what one person loves another dislikes, and neither is wrong..

But I'm gonna play with it and see if I can't do something that works even better now.

So thanks!


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Only a sad fool invests their self-worth in a camera! You know who you are...

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Only a sad fool invests their self-worth in a camera! You know who you are...

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