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landscaper1 wrote:

I'm about ready to upgrade to a 64 bit PC, but I have no idea what I need to look for in specs. I'm not the sort to just buy what someone's selling. I like to make sure all the pieces are of a quality I feel I can trust.

What kind of Intel CPU is desirable?

Intel i5 is fine for photography work.

What about motherboards?

Depends on what peripherals you want to use. Do you want to use graphics integrated into the mobo or a plug-in graphics card? If you have any IDE HDDs or optical drives, you can get a mobo with an IDE port (hard to find but they exist). Do you want an eSATA port? Regarding USB ports, you should only get a mobo that supports USB3 at this point. If you want to view video on your flat screen TV set, then get a mobo with a built-in HDMI connector. Mobo will have to match the CPU you select of course. After you decide the above, go to newegg.com or amazon and check the user reviews.

Can I re-use my HDDs from my current computer?

If your current HDDs are IDE, then you can buy a motherbd that has one IDE port along with a bunch of SATA ports. You will be able to install up to 2 IDE units (HDD or optical drive) on the one IDE port.

If your current HDDs are all SATA, then any motherbd will work.

I assume re-using my DVD drive is no problem.

See above

Any other tips will be most welcome.

Be sure the mobo has 4 ram slots. Some mobos have only 2 ram slots. My view is that integrated graphics is fine for photo and video editing, as long as you don't play games. If you are going to reuse an existing monitor, verify that the mobo has the proper port to connect to that monitor. FWIW, all of the software from my 32 bit WinXP PC works on my i5-2500K PC running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits on an Asus P8H67-V mobo. MS Word 2000 had a minor problem but there is a fix for that so now it runs perfectly.


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