sz-31 mr or zs20???

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Mike Paterson
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Re: sz-31 mr or zs20???

srkmish wrote:

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your input. The pigeon pic at 24x looks sharp. However, i am not so sure of the digital zooms. Also, if you could post more samples at the telephoto end, tat wud be great. Currently, i am getting some good bird samples in panny forum for zs20 and i need to compare that with sz-31 pics to make up my mind. Thanks again.

Hi srkmish,

As Glen pointed out the TZ30 shots of the parrot were taken much closer to the bird and at a different ISO and Speed.

The TZ30 was opened out to 86mm with between ISO125 to 400 with 2 of the 4 at ISO400 and the speed was between 10/1000 to 10/1250 sec with 3 out of 4 at 10/1000 sec. Finally the aperture was at f6.4 in all the shots.

Now compare this with my shots using the SZ-31:-

The zoom was greater at 108mm at the first zoom (4.5 x24=108) yet the bird was much much further away but look at the even greater 216mm which is x24 optical and x2 optical assisted or x48 in total so you would expect the detail and light to rapidly fall away yet it does not.

Now with that in mind the ISO for all shots remained at ISO80 so you would expect the shutter to be quite slow given the amount of light needed but no the shutter speed was more than twice (based on the TZ30's 10/1000 sec) as fast yet still brighter at 10/2500 sec on all shots.
Aperture in all zoomed shots was greater at f6.9.

This tells you the SZ-31 is fast and seeing as all the shots including x96 were at hand-held yet remained in focus it again tells you IS has no issues with the SZ-31.
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