Slightly disillusioned with 7d vs. Nikon D5000

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Re: Slightly disillusioned with 7d vs. Nikon D5000

DXOMark seems to be anything but objective. There 'objective' sensor ratings say that the Nikon D800 sensor has a 2.7 stop advantage over the Canon 5D Mk III.

Look at the testing of the cameras here at DPReview.

Canon 5D Mk III has a one EV advantage on the highlight side and Nikon D800 has about 1.3 EV advantage on the shadow side. That's a 1/3 EV advantage to the Nikon, not the almost 3 EV difference that DXOMark indicates.

Further, turn off all the enhancers HPT/ALO for Canon, ADL for Nikon, and DRO for Sony and the 5DMk III has a 1/3 to 1/2 stop advantage in dynamic range over the Nikon D800.

Or look at DXOMarks own data the Canon 5D Mk III matches or outscores the Nikon D800 on the screen scores for ISO Sensitivity, SNR 18%, Tonal Range, and Color Sensitivity, yet for some reason the Nikon D800 has a massive Dynamic Range advantage? My understanding that all of those other scores are necessary components that would give the camera its dynamic range. It just doesn't add up!

There are many examples of where real world output, just doesn't match up with DXOMark scores. I have a hard time accepting that they are an objective site.

Do you feel DPReview is not an objective site?

DrGregoryHouse wrote:

Here is how the competition generally breaks down,

D5x00 - 500D or 600D
D7000 - 60D
D300(s) - 7D

The OP was talking about a side by side image quality sensor comparison. He wasn't talking about ergonomics or what subjective things your buddies think. There is an objective site that benchmarks sensors.

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