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Re: Modern film scanners

KiloTango wrote:


I have started shooting film again, as I feel there will be ways to scan film longer than I'll be around, but jpegs and other formats will fade out over time like VHS, and would like some images to last for my future grand kids(without having to stockpile full resolution 300dpi prints at whatever ridiculous size 24 or 36 mp cameras make these days). I would still like to be able to email and edit such pictures digitally. What scanners do you folks use or recommend?

So if you think that JPEGs will "fade out", and that's why you want to scan your film, what format do you think your scanned images will be in?

Film degrades over time as does anything.

Drum scans will cost you $25USD apiece, if you are lucky.

THe market for film scanners died years ago. Your choice is Epson flatbeds ar off-brand scanners at about $500-700USD or 10 times that for Flextight etc. Or something used off eBay that may or may not work with your current OS.

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