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Re: IMatch

prusiner wrote:

I agree that IDimager has an ambitious marketing team which IMatch cannot afford, This goes at the cost of the need to add new features (most times unneeded ones as editing capabilities which most people put in another step of the workflow)

I've used both and still prefer IMatch by far, even though it still lacks and attractive UI, and some more refinements. Stability is extremely important in large database management, and IMatch has got it well implemented.

I prefer a digital image management software which does just this and does it well. Editing and sending it to online services are different parts of my workflow. Some people may differ, of course.

Idimager (as far as I know) is run by 2 developers.. no marketing team besides them and their user base. iMatch seems to be run by a single developer so not much difference there.

IMatch is most certainly a power user application - but that has always been its downfall as well... its very complex. Yes - it is stable but is lacking in many basic elements. New version has been promised for years... we are still waiting.

Idimager has its own issues (speed/stability) but is actively developed and a new version has already been released that is much more stable and faster.

Anyway.. lots of choices out there.!

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