Nikon 85mm 1.4G or 1.8G for the D800?

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What about the 1.4Dvs. the 1.4G and 1.8G?


Having read through (most of) this conversation, I wonder how the 1.4D rates against the 1.4G and 1.8G respectively. What are your thoughts/experiences?

I have the 1.4D. I like the focal length a lot (!), but on my D700 I also felt it often was not near as it sharp as it might have been at say f2.8 or f5.6. I also felt it's fpcus is slow and often misses it in lower light situations (ISO 800 and up).

I often wonder of it is the lens. I once photographed a basketball game sitting next to another photog. He was using the 1.4D and said he loved it: it was fast and accurate for him. I would have never considered doing that: the lens is to slow for a fast moving game. Yet when I took the lens in to Nikon to be checked they said it was fine.

Now I have upgraded to the D800 and D4 and I am considering selling the 1.4D for either the 1.4G or the 1.8G. Money is a consideration, but so is quality. Should the 85mm/f1.4D still serve me just fine, or should I really upgrade to either the 1.4G or 1.8G?

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