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. . . what settings did you use? I assume you had the 45mm f/1.8 attached. I have an E-P3 and I'm always interested in seeing others results especially in conditions I haven't encountered as yet. It would appear that the P3 does well in low light.


Hi Wayne, the last shot was the 45mm at F2.5, ISO 200, 1/60th second. In fact all of the shots were at ISO 200, I generally shoot at base ISO whenever I can and IBIS and a fast lens means you can shoot in pretty low light with the EP-3.

How do you explain this to your colleague? Their options along this line are pretty limited Were they able to get the saxophonist as well as you did?

I explained to him the limitations of a kit lens in this type of scenario. I demonstrated it with some other shots on his camera and showed him the best way to obtain what he could with what he had. I also told him he had a very decent camera and lens to start with. He's a smart guy, he understood and was pleased he'd made a good choice to start with.

Sound advice. The best approximation to base ISO, 45/1.8 with IBIS on his system would probably be the 85/3.5 macro with VR, which might actually be worth investigating.

One of the shortcomings of DSLR's is that primes do not make the system much smaller I almost picked the D3000/D3100 and am now glad I did not.

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