Best printer for B/W printing?

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Re: K7 Piezography head clogging?

Guillermo Shashte wrote:

A quote from Paul Roark:

" Because Eboni-6 is for matte papers only, it does not require the binders needed for

glossy papers. These binders are a major factor in inkjet clogging. My Eboni-6 printers

have been the most clog free of any I’ve ever used. The 1400 Eboni-6 combination
virtually never clogs."

Cone inks should be similar, but ask Jone Cone for specific advise.

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As I understood Cone inks are encapsulated (with binders). His advise: "if you plan to be away from your printer for a month - you should remove the ink carts (Epson, ConeColor, or Piezography) and replace with flushing carts. Then flush the printer and turn off. When you return you reverse this by reinstalling the ink carts."

MIS is without binders. As far as I understand the inks from as well (only for matte papers).

Cone inks can be used on glossy papers as well because of these binders.
Depends what you want.

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