RX100 Video Quality/Capability?

Started Jun 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: RX100 Video Quality/Capability?

I have a NEX5 and a Panny SD60 (CMOS version of your camcorder).

Bear in mind that you will lose the zoom of the camcorder, 3MOS in the SD600 vs CMOS in the RX100, and I would expect the mic sensitivity of the RX to be like most other Sony compact and NEX cameras, good for everyday situations, but as soon as you introduce music with a bass-line, distortion will be introduced.

Also the recording time will be reduced to half an hour (but most people don't record continuously over this time anyway).

Going by the specs, I would say the RX100 will probably be a good compromise if you don't fancy lugging 2 devices around, but I wouldn't expect the quality to be on par with your dedicated Panny camcorder.

Maybe best to wait until the RX100 has been released so you can see more customer reviews on YT/Vimeo.

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