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Great to see the whole episode reproduced here, and good that you didn't get caught. Scam watch seems to be Australia-wide now, and is a terrific resource. Before I buy anything on line I always look at their site as well as a quick Google. If there is a scam, someone, somewhere will likely have posted on a forum.

This for example for the AVforum:

"My experience of is that they are not a genuine retailer and the whole thing is a con. I ordered a mobile phone from them paying by PayPal and it never arrived. They were very good at keeping me informed of progress of my order until the 45 day time limit for raising a claim with PayPal expired, after which they totally ignored my emails. "

Interestingly I just looked at the 'sale-point' website. I use Firefox with the 'Flagfox' add-in (a most useful addition to your address bar!), and while it doesn't necessarily mean much, their ISP server is iWeb Technologies in Montreal, Canada.

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