How much need for VR on wide angle lenses?

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Re: How much need for VR on wide angle lenses?

Built in stabilization works poorly compared to in the lens stabilization. If you want OS then buy a Nikon or a Canon and their OS enabled lenses.

For hand held shots there are several factors affecting camera motion blur. One is the focal length of the lens and its amount of image magnification, another is the shutter speed used, another is the mirror system and its vibration dampening, and a fourth is the mass of the camera itself. Technique is also important but you can fix this with practice but not the other four areas.

A heavier camera can be shot at a slower shutter speed with the same lens. Concerning focal length and shutter speed with a 35mm WA lens most people can get a sharp picture with good technique in holding the camera and releasing the shutter at 1/35s and many can do so at 1/10s. At these speeds and with ISO 1600 available with any current DSLR, and f2.8 lenses the OS is not needed. Get to f4 or f5.6 lenses that pass half or a quarter as much light and stabilization again provides value.

In-camera OS is better than nothing at all and it is cheap for the manufactures to provide but it is no something to count on.

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