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"Numerous examples"? You mean they occasionally step up just as Fuji has as several on this forum will attest. I thought your point was that Apple was better than Fuji?

I guess when you're so happy to accuse others of spewing BS, it is too much to expect you to be logical or even coherent.
Let's stop now. You have shown you have no argument other than anger.

webfrasse wrote:

Apple was an example and if you follow anything online or in any forums you would also know that there are numerous examples where Apple has replaced parts or whole devices long outside any warranty or Applecare. I just got a replacement for a 7 year old iPod Nano at no cost. Same has happened with batteries and power supplies.

Again...total BS back at ya..

Aethon wrote:

I'm sorry, but if you are going to be ignorant enough to say that someone else's comment is "total BS", you had better know what you are talking about. You don't.

Apple makes a huge amount of money from selling high-priced extended warranties known as AppleCare and they enforce the terms very strictly. They do this precisely because repairs are really expensive and even Apple can't afford to give repairs away to customers for the sake of the brand.
You simply don't know what you're talking about.

In this case, all Fuji has ever asked anyone for is the original sale receipt. They will accept it from anywhere in the world, and even if you are not the original purchaser (in other words, they have gone well beyond the contractually stated terms of the warranty which is much more than Apple ever do).
To borrow your elegant phrase, your comment is total BS.

webfrasse wrote:

mr moonlight wrote:

jameshays wrote:

devwild wrote:

I hate to say it, but this is also exactly what they are going for. It's stories like yours that help keep people from buying grey market goods.

Though, having dealt with the entourage of grey market/counterfeit sellers on ebay in the past few years, I actually kind of sympathize with their motivations.

And I completely understand that from a warranty standpoint. But with this specific issue and its frequency, Fuji should have issued a recall. Instead they have chosen to keep it a warranty issue.

When Ford has a known problem with a specific model car that is repeated many times, they issue a recall. They don't ask for a receipt or care where you bought it. They just fix their mistake and move on.
Wish Fuji would do the same.

A recall??? Seriously? Most of the X100's out there are just fine and if the problem does occur it's covered by warranty. It's more like a "Technical Service Bulletin" where Ford won't send you any notice, but if the problem does arise, the dealer will repair it at no charge. You don't perform a repair (necessary or not) on 100% of items in order to fix a problem that affects only 5%. It just doesn't make sense.

You purchased a used grey market camera because you were able to get it for a substantially lower price than a new one or even a local used one with a receipt. With that lower price comes a certain amount of risk. Hopefully you can return just it to the seller. I would just ask Fuji really nicely to see if they would do the repair for me. Call a few different times and hopefully you'll get someone that will bend the rules for you.

From Fuji's standpoint, they are trying to discourage the selling of gray market goods and rightfully so. Think about it this way. If it costs more to conduct business in the UK than Singapore, then products in UK should accordingly be priced higher than Singapore to cover the higher cost.

This is total BS. The product has Fuji's name on it. Their brand. Their value. This is where companies like Apple understands goodwill and will go out of their way to repair things even long time after warranties have expired.

I would turn to local media and makes as much noise as possible. Get their marketing department feel what a bad reputation feels like...publicly.

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