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Re: My thoughts on Topaz Labs and photoFXlab

harrygilbert wrote:

Many applications and plug-ins from many vendors have had issues, some minor, and some serious. Many (most?) have dragged their heels in resolving the issues, and some have released fixes only in a new version requiring more payment.

Topaz has always stood behind their products, and have always had what I consider to be the best upgrade and fix release policies in the industry.

I salute the gracious and professional way Topaz Labs is handling the problems with this initial release of photoFXlab, and look forward to the new release. I am confident that they will address every issue, and that photoFXlab will turn out to be a great product.

Cannot understand why some people do not have even a modicum of patience. Topaz has an excellent record of fixing glitches AND ADDING NEW FEATURES; we have got along fine without this product in our past workflow, so the issues are not a show-stopper. I cannot help but compare to my experiences with another vendor of some process mapping software that released a version that crashed every time I did a discrete event simulation. At first, their support team denied the problem, then told me it would be fixed in the next release - in 6-8 months! This was a $2500 per copy application. For crying out loud, Topaz released this for $29.95. Give 'em a break!

Thank you for some perspective. Topaz Support is great! I am looking forward to purchasing photoFXlab as soon as they give the green light again. Thank you for your speedy response Stephanie. I for one am a very happy and satisfied customer of yours.

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