Hey, let's share how we first met our Sony alphas.

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Hey, let's share how we first met our Sony alphas.

I just wanted to share my experiences with quite a few alpha cameras i've used in the past 3 years. I think it would be an interesting read; the first time meeting an alpha camera.

Anyway, it's a little long, but here goes:

First off, I'm not a professional in any way, but I may be Sony's biggest enthusiast customer. I started to really get into photography when I saw a Nex-3 ad on the side of a gaming website i was on. The little camera just looked so enticing and, seducing...anyway, i've never seen a camera shaped like that, a big lens on a tiny body. I was actually going to get the samsung NX10, and had the order page ready in another Firefox tab, but i just couldn't resist clicking on that Nex advertisement. So i did, and what a big mistake...

I didn't just buy the Nex3, but into a world of alpha photography. i learned that there are different sized sensors, different apertures for lenses, different techniques for taking pictures, and most of all, that there are a huge number of lenses out there to choose from. Sure it's an expensive hobby, but there's just this sense of satisfaction when you mount a lens on your camera, clicking that shutter, and capturing that brief moment in time onto that one frame, and I think to any photographer, that's just priceless.

So after acquiring a vast collection of old manual lenses and adapters, i decided to move onto a SLR. i sold it all off on ebay to get the then newly introduced A33. And maybe i should have listened when others told me not to take the camera onto a canoe ride. Because the boat flipped over, my a33 was soaked, and what was suppose to be a wonderful day on a lake with a new camera became a sad farewell with a dead alpha.

So next, the A580. I had the A33 fixed, but it took weeks, and in the mean time, i saw a great deal for the A580. Again, temptations rose, and i sold the a33 and i bought the A580. I had so much fun with this camera! Beautiful colors, large and stable body, and amazing low light abilities. So i was happy for another few months, until my dance tour was right around the corner, and although the a580 is a great camera, i just couldn't see myself lugging that body around from city to city. So after much self quarrel and fustration, i sold it off, and got the Nex-5n.

I don't know how great the nex 7 is, but if there ever is a compromise between quality and portability, the nex 5n is the perfect package. It served me amazingly well as i toured from city to city. It took beautiful pictures as i journeyed through asia and australia. The pictures were crisp and sharp straight out of the camera, and though the 16mm pancake lens has some negative reviews, to me it captured wonderful moments around the world! But...as great as this little beast is, i really did miss the viewfinder experience and the weight of a SLR. I loved this 5N too much to sell it, so instead i just went for my next alpha. The A77.

I've only had the A77 for a few days, but it's proved to be a saintly camera. The only complaints i have is the high noise level at pretty low ISOs, and sometimes the picture isn't crystal sharp, but that could be because my lens isn't some 1000+ zeiss or G lens. Apart from that, the colors, the focus and the feel is great. Again, i'm not professional in any way, but i think i can tell when pictures come out well or not.

Anyway, sorry if this is a REALLY LONG post. I just wanted to share some thoughts and history about my history coming into the alpha world. If you have some stories regarding your first alpha cameras, or why you chose Sony over canon, nikon or other brands please share them! As Martin Luther King said:

"We are not makers of history. We are made by history."

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