T4i From Longer Term Rebel Perspective

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T4i From Longer Term Rebel Perspective

In our household we use a 450D and a 550D, and I think the 650D is an interesting and worthwhile upgrade.

I don't fully understand the motivations of the trollish attackers who drop by when new cameras come out, so I thought it was worth placing the 650D / T4i in more of a long term Rebel owner perspective.

First, budget is a factor, and I prefer to spend my money buying lenses and other ancilliaries than a new body every year. So it is the cumulative change over several models that is of interest.

The biggest upgrade from my perspective with the 650D is the substantively improved AF performance. Nine cross type sensors, along with the new hybrid AF is compelling indeed, as I do enjoy BIF, and have fast children.

Moving ISO out one stop is attractive. If low light processing has improved for all ISOs as it did with the G1 X and Digic 5, that is very tempting indeed.

The video upgrade looks major, and even as Canon seems to be making hybrid cameras its strategic move up and down the line, the T4i is looking much better. The combination of fast AF that moves with the subject, touching a subject to focus with face recognition, and stereo mic is all good. It won't replace my two recent models Vixias with external mics, but it will be a nice alternative.

For me, since I have no interest in upgrading each year, it is the two model year combination that is of the greatest interest. Then I add up the big changes from my perspective, and I see:

  • built in wireless Speedlite control (huge factor!)

  • manual video control (huge!)

  • articulated screen(nice)

  • more accurate and faster AF (huge!)

  • one stop additional ISO and hopefully better Digic 5 performance (major)

  • AF with video zoom, touch screen focus, and stereo (huge in combination)

Put it all together, and the package is major and compelling. I will likely buy, replace the 450D with a much better camera - that is a perfect fit with my existing lenses and accessories - and get back to spending my toy money on slowly building my lens collection.

It is a very well executed system for a quite reasonable price. I think that is what some people just don't seem to get. Each year's new model isn't supposed to be a revolution by itself. The body becomes a relatively small part of the overall investment, which gets replaced every few years, with what is a major improvement at that time.

From that context, the 650D / 4Ti is an attractive new upgrade, at least for my interests.

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