If you think your 7d is "soft", please read this.

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No offence, but I hope you don't speak in a continuous monotone manner like this in real life.

Please use paragraphs to include some breaks and separate different points, otherwise it becomes very tedious (and less easy to follow and understand).

gladvlad wrote:

Fascinating discussion in this thread. Recently added a 7d to my 5d MkII, Rebel xt and G12 and was stunned at how soft my first images were. Quickly figured out that part of the problem was that the camera focussed on the nearest object when using the 19 point AF. This was quite disappointing considering that the viewfinder feedback (black squares showing which parts of the image were in focus) said that more of the image should have been in focus. I guess the software has a different definition of "in focus" than I do. The other thing that became clear was that DOF was surprisingly narrow given that the 7d was a crop frame instead of a full frame. There were also a few frames where detail throughout was ok, but not great, meaning that motion and technique may have been the problem there. In the few frames where the desired part of the image was in sharp focus, the detail and rendering were excellent, definitely worthy of the camera's price. In some ways, I find the situation hilarious. When the 7d and Mark II were both new, many argued that due to its 19 point AF and to having superior DOF to the 5D mark II (because of the 7D being crop frame), the 7D would be at least equal to the 5D in image quality at a given image size using a given lens. Now, I find that experienced users recommend single point center focussing, warn of narrow DOF and recommend tripod mounting whenever possible. So much for the 7D's supposed focussing advantages. All in all, including these issues and differences in buttons, menus and features, adapting to the 7D is being much more difficult than adapting to the 5D Mark II.

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