River Sunset (I almost stopped posting here!)

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Re: Raaj

Thanks a lot, I think !

KFoisy wrote:
Haha Louis! I thought maybe that was you in robe with the camera!!

As for Raaj, well you know I have travelled with him and witnessed first hand what a ladies man he is!!! Yes, indeed, I must watch out for him

l_objectif wrote:

RaajS wrote:
Dude, why're you beating me up?

l_objectif wrote:

One more thing; don't let Raaj shooting your lovely spouse. He is a dangerous man!....

Dear Raaj, no beating up at all; I am just beginning to believe you are a dangerous fellow with women; and I had to warn our friend Kevin!... ! As you know, I happen to be a very “serious” and “Good” guy, myself!

You see; even monks are taking my picture and think I may have been a Dalai Lama in one of my previous lives!

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'Change is not Mandatory, you don't have to Survive...'

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