Is K5 better than Nikon D7000?

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Re: Is K5 better than Nikon D7000?

awaldram wrote:

snapper1967 wrote:

For focus speed

Depends on lens but the only test I know where they use the similar lens on both d7000 and k5 the k5 was faster.

Interestingly a lot of people say the opposite without any reference, But users of both find them very comparable.

thanks for posting that Andrew, i was about to go look for it! I was taking pictures of my daughter runniong in the garden yesterday late afternoon (she's 2). I got very few misses despite the low light (f/2.8, 1/200sec, ISO 6-8000) and the beat-up screw-drive sigma 70-200 f/2.8.

If AF is critical to you, consider the Canon 7D and the full-frame models from canon & Nikon.

and dynamic range

K5 edges it but your not going to generally see this unless your shooting iso80

DR is indeed very similar on these cameras. Having so much of it is AWESOME!

and high iso shooting?

Again k5 has it but unless your shooting RAW and very decent at PP then you wont see any difference

One really should shoot raw with either of these cameras.

I wouldn't buy Pentax or Nikon based on these bodies but rather the system your buying into that’s where the differences are.
for example

if you want awesome but expensive long glass Nikon is best
If you want awesome light expensive wide -mid Pentax is best

Pentax does have a 560mm on the horizon But I don't see Nikon ever producing a nimble light body and set of very fine primes for it.


Also Pentax has an advantage with vintage M42 lens as Nikon loses infinity focus with them.

If you into multiflash then Nikon CLS system is second to none allowing compete control of all flashes from the body (at a price).

yes, but...

Pentax's flash system is very crude by comparison and requires a lot of Photographer control to achieve the same affects.

I just got a Sigma DG 610 super flash, just a few hours ago!

I can't compare it to Nikon flash (i have an old thyristor Vivitar and Elinchrom studio lighting) but i found it very easy to get good results, with the flash on camera, but also using bounce, wireles p-ttl, reflectors, diffusers, etc. (I'll try HSS when the sun comes out again). You may not be able to control the flashes from the body, but i would definitely not call the system "very crude". In fact, i think i'll buy a second Sigma DG 610 super!


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