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All names and dates/place has been replaced with XXXXX to protect the identity of the lawyer/police officer who helped me.


My experience:

On the first week of XXXXXXXX XXXX (date), I was shopping around for camera accessories.

Then I found this website: (their warehouse/physical address is in Thailand).

Their prices are so good. I started to put things in the internet shopping cart.

However, after doing some thinking, I decided NOT to proceed with the purchase. (in other words, I did NOT enter my credit card information on their website). [I did not complete the transaction because I felt that I cannot trust this company].

About two weeks later, I received an email from them saying that I owe them EURO 25 being for "cancellation fee". I did not respond because I felt that this is a scam. (after all, I never completed the transaction, so how can I owe them money?).

Two or three weeks later (XXXXXX XXXX (month year)), I received a letter in the post from a GERMAN debt collection company ( ). Profaktura said that they act on behalf of . They also said that I must pay EURO 129 being for "cancellation fee" and "debt collection cost".

Can you advise me what to do?


RESPONSE FROM NSW POLICE ( ) / ( ) via email on 31 May 2012 at 7:29am

XXXX (my name),

Do not reply to the emails/letters.

These do sound like scammers. Due to the large number of scams, the government has established a unit to investigate them called SCAMwatch.

Can you please report this matter to SCAMwatch on 1300795995, or their website

NOTE: SCAMwatch is an Australian Government website operated by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Senior Constable XXXXXX
Crime Stoppers Unit
1800 333 000


Email from XXXXX (name), a lawyer with (due to its length, only about half of the email is included here):

8 June 2012

Dear XX (my name),

RE: .

We refer to your correspondence dated XXXX. We note that the concerns you raised primarily relate to what is known as a fake debt invoice scam.

A fake debt invoice scam is simply a bill for something you did not order.

What you can do
Do not pay the invoice and do not supply/clarify any of your details.

If you have already responded to a fake debt invoice scam, we advise you to contact your banking institution to find out what they can do to assist you to prevent further funds being transferred from your account. Unfortunately, if you have already transferred money to the scammer’s account, it is very unlikely that it will be able to be recovered.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has jurisdiction over fake debt invoice scams and you should report these scams at its SCAMwatch website:


XXXXXX , Lawyer
Misconduct & Breach Reporting

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