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Mike Tussy
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Got back from a meeting and now FXlabs is broke again.

Well, Robert, sad to say, I thought I had it working. But no. Now when I try to start the 64bit FXlab, it asks for the email and password to log into the program. That means everytime you open FXlab it will need to link to their servers which seem to be inadequate to take a load. Then it will say your trial has only 30 days left do you want to purchase it. Hell, I already did purchase it and the bundle too...I sent an email to customer service this morning to cancel and ask for my money back, but then it finally accepted my registration and worked once and thought happly it is now fixed...So sent another mail to recind the cancellation.....Had to leave for a meeting, so now that I am back, same thing...log in required to use it. Second time it faulted and WIN7 shut it down and never got to try it again as the Topaz authenticaition server wont remember me now, so it is unsable again.... So now I am back to square one with a non working purchased product. Guess I will give up. The Control Panel un-install wont list the FXlab executable, only the plug ins that I bought, so now how do you get rid of that program? Leave it on forever broken?..I am finally fed up I think..I will wait a few days before I ask for the refund to make sure it is still broke. If online verification is needed to use this product every time I want to use it, that is a deal killer for me. I guess the only way left then is to clean up all Topaz files from the PC and reinstall the bundle...what a freaking mess this was. It might have great potential, but now it is not a useful product for me. Thanks for you thoughts. Guess I should finish with "Buyers Beware"



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