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Re: $700 fix

jameshays wrote:

I got my call from Fuji today and they will not repair the sticky aperture blade issue under warranty. The original owner bought the camera from an online retailer through ebay, then sold it to me. The camera has an Australian serial number so Fuji wants the receipt from the retailer to wherever they bought it from abroad. Since I cannot get that, they informed me the repair is on me

Now I totally understand policies and procedures when it comes to warranty but I am pretty disappointed about this. If it were any other mechanical issue I would say tough luck, but this particular issue is so well known to be a problem inherent to this camera I just can't see how they can tell me to pound sand. I still haven't decided what to do but it looks like I have two options: Fork over the $700 or sell it as is for maybe $200 and cut my losses. Neither are good..

Absolutely ABYSMAL position taken by Fujfilm. I would make as loud of a stink as possible about this. Elevate it up through Fujifilm's corporate structure. This is absolutely unacceptable. Talk to managers. Make noise.

Best of luck to you!!

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