Testing ultra wides for sharpness

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Re: Testing ultra wides for sharpness

I am not lens tester so have no input on how to test the lens in the lab or any kind of so call "control environment", I 'test" all my lenses, long or short in the field, taking real world pictures. if the picture came out good, it's keeper.

Since "sharp" or "soft" is all relative term, so I normally take a few similar FL lens and go out there to those places I am familiar with, set everything on the solid tripod, use a cable shutter release, mirror lock up.....10X zoom in LV focus.....whatever way I can find to minimize the "operator error" on my side, now take the same shot with different lenses, including at least one good known "sharp lens" such as my TSE 17, Zeiss 21, TSE 24 II Nikon 14-24G.....or whatever FL lenses that matches the FL of the test I am trying to test, now i can go home to compare the result and draw my conclusion. I won't have any numbers as my test result but I don't need it, I am not using this test for a science project or anything like that but just to tell if the lens i am interested is good enough for me in the field using a known reference from all those well known lenses.

I know it's not much of a scientific 'test method" you are looking for, but it works pretty good for me.

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