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Re: Thanks for your reply Robert.

I wouldn't be surprised if raw image processing was added in the future. For now Lightroom, PS, Elements, etc. will have to suffice. Keep us posted on your findings. The licensing issues and records thereof are always toublesome for small companies. TopazLabs has been exceedingly generous and good about their licensing and upgrade policy up to now. I'm hoping that what was experienced and griped about here was due to both the initial volume of sales/trials and the complexity of this new product. So far I've got just about everything they've ever released and my only true disappointment was with InFocus. I still feel it could be made better. However, that being said it still worked somewhat but not as well as I wished. I think the Topaz people listen and I think they put out products that do what most people want and need in a cost effective manner. If they continuie to treat me the way they have so far. I'm willing to cut them some slack at launch time and I'll continue to be a user and fan of their tools and business practices.

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