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Mike Tussy
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Thanks for your reply Robert.

Nice reply and glad you like Topaz. I use CS4 and Topaz bundle a lot. I did like most of the bundle for doing digital work. I have owned them since Nov.2011 but some I have not tried out yet. I like the idea of a stand alone app, rather than going through PS for small tasks, like photo fixing. It would have been nice to have Raw built into it but that takes a lot of resources which a small company may lack. Keeping up with digital camera advances is tough enough I am sure. I will get after playing with FXlabs some today and this weekend learning the ropes...I just hope the glitches are over for thier release since it was frustrating and time consuming for me and many others, to get it working.

I recently worked with the CS 6 beta, but the extended which I liked a whole lot doubled the upgrade price from regular Photoshop so when the trial period expired, I un-installed it from here and said to heck with it. I ran across a neat program called Sagelighteditor. It was mentioned in this forum and was interesting program. So I am also working with the latest beta on that. It might work as a good or really good photograph raw developer. It has some really great controls and features too. But alas, it has a few warts as beta software is wot to be. At anyrate, since CS 4 will not open my latest camera in raw unless convered to DNG, this one does. For me it seemed to be worth the lifetime upgrade price on sale. Probably should not get into so many pieces of software, but each has its easy and excellent features and all together makes it easier to do some techniques for me.

So onward and upward and we shall see how many warts I see on FXlab.

Again thanks for your thoughts.

Best Regards,


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