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Frustration shown in my earlier posts came from high hopes PhotoFXLab would be a new and useful way of utilizing Topaz plug-ins I've already evaluated and purchased. There ought to have been an install option to allow me choose if I wanted trials of other plug-ins installed. That option should have been given BEFORE requiring me to download a huge file overloaded with stuff I did not want.

I'm a long time Photoshop user and some of the add-on topaz plug-ins have given me a number of benefits. "DeNoise" is my go to for that. It simply satisfies my need for noise reduction. "ReMask" has been a good option for me. "Adjust" and "Clean" give me easy results outside what I can accomplish on my own in Photoshop. My usual results from these are artistic enhancements for the image I'm editing. I pick a favorite preset and then fine tune the slider adjustments to get what I'm looking for and then I'm back in CS5 doing more work to finalize my output.

I eventually was able to watch the video of the last week FXLab webinar (I was not able to join because the room was full.) What I saw was enough new interesting editing and image manipulation stuff to make me want to learn more.

Looked to me I'd need a major attitude change to jump in and get the most from FXLab. At first look selecting and trying the presets seemed to be the game. Want HDR try that, B&W try that, grunge try that, and on and on. I'd learn be a button pushing effects junkie! So that's my observation of how the huge selection of presets would work. A lot of trial & error play so to speak. The new layering and other new stuff in FXLab (I've already forgot details of due to feeble old man's brain) would require much more time and dedication to learn. Potential benefits seemed good.

OK ... being retired with some time to play (and prove a old dog can still learn a new trick or two) ... I was willing to give it a trial run. But no more. My evaluation of FXLab has been made. I don't need it and refuse to waste more time on it.


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