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harrygilbert wrote:

Topaz has also initiated a new registration scheme. Instead of getting a serial number to activate the program, you must create an "account" and register your newly-installed copy over the internet. When you run the program thereafter, if connected, the application checks Topaz' server to validate registration. If not connected, you must re-enter your "account" information to use the program or plug-in. In response to my inquiry, Topaz said, "You will need internet access to initially register your computer. After that initial registration you should be able to enter in your email address to the program, and it will recognize you as a current user. You are able to put this on 3 PCS and 3 MACS, so that is up to 6 computers. And then if you go 'over' that limit, it will uninstall it from the first registered."

That sucks as my photo PC doesn't even have internet connection. My paid for Topaz bundle works fine without one.

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