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Re: Finally got the registration working. Seems to work


This seems to be a more complicated piece of software than the normal Topaz plugins. It's closer to a photo editor than a simple plugin. I've installed it at home and it incorporated all of my Topaz plugins nicely and it even set up both my 32bit and 64bit stuff correctly. I suspect this will be extremely handy for moderate level editing efforts and really neat and quick when all I want to do is to apply a preset. What I really like is the masking and the ability to do layers outside of Photoshop. Quite frankly I'm impressed with the capability that appears to be there even if I'm not quite adept enough to use all the functionality that's there yet. For me the Topaz plugins have always been very easy to use. The interfaces have made constant improvements over the years and for the most part the plugins are intuitive. PhotoFXLab is much more ambitious and powerful (IMHO) than the Topaz plugins. I think that if you own the bundle it starts to rival the capabilities of many standalone photo editors. I also suspect that this will greatly expand certain Topaz functionality inside both Lightroom and PS. I'm looking forward to spending time with it.

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