a serious competitor to K-30 (650D)...

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Re: a serious competitor to K-30 (650D)...

Ari Aikomus wrote:


Don't get me wrong - the 650D looks like a very nice camera in a lotof ways, and I'm sure some people will be trying to decide between them. But really, what is most interesting to me is the extent to which the 650D is not competition to the K-30.

If I were to summarize the unique appeal - the "value proposition" to use marketing-speak - of the K-30, I'd say it is a "small, stabilized, WR body with a large full coverage pentaprism, dual control wheels, and an AA option." Sure, it has nice specs in other respects too, but then, so do all cameras. And really, most people just don't have any reason to care if their camera can do the Kessel run in 12 parsecs or 11.7. If I were considering a K-30, it wouldn't be for its maximum shutter speed or frame rate or whatever - it would be because I cared about the specific value proposition I outlined above - "small, stabilized, WR body with a large full coverage pentaprism viewfinder, dual control wheels, and an AA option". if I didn't care about those things or wasn't already committed to Pentax, I can't see the K-30 being more than a blip on my radar.

When I looked at the 650D to see how well it stacks up against the specific value proposition of the K-30, I see it comes out something like this "small body" - not anything else from the big ticket item checklist of the K-30 is addressed at all . No SR, no WR, no pentaprism, no second wheel, no AA option. I can't imagine someone seriously interested in the K-30 - which again, would pretty much have to be for one of those reasons - would see the 650D as matching up well.

But again, it seems a fine camera for folks who don't care about any of the things that make the especially K-30 appealing, and I'm sure that will turn out to be an awful lot of people. Just not people who were likely to be K-30 customers in the first place.

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