Is K5 better than Nikon D7000?

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what conditions, what lenses?

Somewhat non-specific inquiry (would be good to know typical uses, lenses used, etc), but both are great cameras, particularly from a usability standpoint. You really need to evaluate based on your personal needs (as they say in the ads, "mileage may vary with usage"). But based on the things you listed...

I have no direct use experience with the Nikon D-7000 (only the D5100 - good but not great).

But I recently purchased a K-5, and auto-focus on this camera (using fast prime lenses) is in fact great, plenty fast. I'm getting a much higher percentage of “keepers” than ever before. K-5 IBIS is a big factor for me, since I rarely work with longer tele lenses (in Nikons, there’s NO image stabilization with shorter prime lenses, so in low-light, it makes it harder to stay sharp when shooting shorter primes, IMO). Now that I'm learning how to use controls for best output, I'm very, very happy with the K-5.

Most APS-C cameras are challenged in low light/high ISO in acquiring accurate AF (even with Spot AF), with a lens that has a max aperture of f/3.5-4 or smaller e.g, kit lenses, primes at f/4. (Considering that most lenses need to be stopped down to begin with, to hit their focal sweet spots.) Raising the ISO and introducing some noise is a given.

K-5 RAW/DNG files require little in the way of pp in LR, high ISO (1600, 3200) noise is not a major problem, if your exposures are correct, DR for mixed lighting is great with this camera.

Perhaps this seems contrary to most other responders, but this is my experience, based on lots of low/mixed light work.

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