Considering Buying an NEX-7: Questions

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Re: Considering Buying an NEX-7: Questions

I agree with most of your points. Especially the importance of customizing the camera to your personal liking. As a starting point, I used the suggestions made in the Luminous-Landscape review, and found them to be perfect for my use while traveling. The camera was very enjoyable to use.

While previously never a fan of auto-ISO, I found myself using it most of the time because the algorithm favors low ISO and only raises it when the shutter speed becomes too low. That meant one less thing to adjust.

I'm less happy than you are with the focus peaking function. I tried it with a telephoto lens and found that the peaking outline came on before the subject was in perfect focus, and stayed on after going through the optimum focus point. In other words, the tolerance around the optimum focus point was too great. By highly magnifying the image on the LCD, I was able to make the subject considerably sharper than if I just stopped adjusting the focus ring as soon as the peaking outline came on. I was doing this at night, and autofocus was useless, so I had to use manual.

Another thing that surprised me, especially coming from using dSLRs, was how comfortable the camera is to use. Although it's small, and my hands are large, it felt very comfortable. Frankly, although some have complained about the unusual configuration with the lens and viewfinder on the left side of the camera, for me that made it much more comfortable to use. I suppose that I wouldn't feel the same if I had to use my left eye to see the viewfinder.

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