Snsor size for Auto 110?

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otherwise all DSLR's would be in jeopardy

JacobSR wrote:

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

That's why the four thirds format didn't succeed until Oly and Panasonic did something really different. Micro four thirds is the scrapping the existing 110 SLR lens designs, with their SLR baggage, and starting over with reduced back-focus "rangefinder" lens designs. It was a success, and set the pattern for every mirrorless system to follow from Fuji, Nikon, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony. Every system, except K-01, which I believe will fail.

Oh, and as far as "as they already had lenses for the system", I'm pretty sure that the 110 lenses were contracted out.

K-01 may or may not fail, that will depend on how Pentax implement the system. But I don't think it will fail because of the lenses, otherwise all DSLR's would be in jeopardy.

Not really. All other DSLRs give you something in exchange for the optical compromises of a DSLR lens: fast phase-detection autofocus, and a direct eye-level finder. K-01 takes those away, but doesn't give you superior lens designs or EVIL compactness in exchange.

I think I understand your point about Rangefinder lenses vs SLR's. But most consumers don't know that, or even care,

True. But "most consumers" don't buy into K-01. They don't buy into Pentax. Pentax's demographic is a fairly educated crowd who are attracted to the lenses.

and the SLR sales far exceeded the Rangefinders.

But not the point and shoots or the cell phones, which also use that style of lens. This was true even in the film days. No Oly SLR matched the sales of the Stylus Epic, for example.

Despite the K-01 odd design, I think the main culprit is the lack of viewfinder, I can't believe Pentax omited and not even having the provisions for it.

The lack of a fairly simple connector really puzzles me, too. Even Sigma managed to get that right.

I think a better chance for success calls for a thinner body design with great ergonomics and an extended mount (built-in adapter for K mount registeration) it's possible and it would've been preferable,

I suggested the telescoping Pentax K or Nikon F approach to EVIL, years ago. Retract for short mount lenses, extend for the legacy mount. And, you can extend with a short mount lens for macro, or retract with a legacy mount lens for carrying ease.

and. Maybe there is an advantage for special lenses designs that extends to the empty space infront the sensor, that would give It a better chance for success IMHO.

There would have been, like the Voigtlander 12mm, had Pentax not narrowed the "mirror box" so much. You really need a 25mm "tube" to pull off those, or things like the first versions of the Nikon 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm fisheyes.

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