Love this guys style!

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Re: Love this guys style!

Idea for experiment: try to have in the background strong "pointy" lights (in contre jour) - can be city lights, reflection of drops, water waves... They might not necessary look like circles in the viewfinder.

cristinaj wrote:

Do any of you have any clue how he acheives this kind of photo? I have tried to do something similar by trying to figure out how the photo in the link was made and "replicate" it, but never become satisfied with my efforts.

I guessed he used a 90mm macro-lens with f=2.8. And he lit the background and subject in the foreground separately. But how the wonderful circles is made I never been able to figure out.
I don't see any traces of heavy PP either.

Do you think my guess as to the lens used is correct? How far back behind the subject do you think the background is placed?

Art cannot be taught with "recepies", I know. But advice for experiments is something else, right?

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