5D MKIII a sure sign of 3D coming?

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Re: 5D MKIII a sure sign of 3D coming?


I know, I gave a very extreme example, but I just wanted to say that it makes a HUGE difference whether you use f/2.0 lens or f/1.4 and whether you photograph a building or a portrait.

Stoneh wrote:

Ferrari_Alex wrote:

First of all F/2 is not F/1.4, it is a very different lens.

Second- nails the focus on what, mountains, building, or running kids where you want eyes to be sharp?

If you want pictures of running kids with eyes to be sharp and expecting this using 1.4 AND manual focus then i give up. As you May know, at 1.4 even breathing could throw the focus off never mind kids running.

On another note, excellent images on your website.

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