Considering Buying an NEX-7: Questions

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Re: Considering Buying an NEX-7: Questions

iJer wrote:

I have had my NEX 7 for 3 months now and I sold a Nikon D700 to get it.

I find the EFV the best there is out there now but if you wear glasses you might want to try one out first as the rubber surround for the the EFV is overly stiff and doesn't conform to my glasses.Yes the proximity sensor will trigger the EFV if the camera is worn with the neck strap but I use a wrist strap and no problem. The camera does start up incredibly quickly so turning it off while walking around is not a problem. The movie button is not so much a problem when shooting but it activates easily when handling

the camera. Coming from a DSLR I wish you could set a minimum shutter speed and for better low light focusing.The IQ of the camera is amazing and due to it's size I find I take it with me far more than I did my D700.

I don't think there is a perfect camera but this one is headed in the right direction provided SONY doesn't dumb down the next version.

I also sold my Nikon D700 to get my new NEX 7, plus bought the LA 2 adapter with a few Sony and Minolta lenses. I couldn't be happier!! Tried FF but realized I really didn't need it nor the ooooh so expensive lenses to take advantage of FF. Loving this camera more and more every day!. Initially I thought I had made a huge mistake, boy am I glad I took the plunge!! This camera surprises me more and more every time I used it... Simply WOW!!!!

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