Discordant reviews of G1X

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Re: Discordant reviews of G1X

I was browsing the Canon site, and the G1x video looks... familiar.
When the G12 was coming out they were using it.
And looks like they just changed the "Shot with Canon G12" into G1x.


I think most people that are giving this camera bad reviews aren't reviewing this camera.

But they are used to working with DSLR's and are just taking note of everything that isn't there.

-It only reaches f2.8: Yes, they made a (relatively) small camera with a big sensor. They now had the choice to:

  • cut down the range of the lens.

  • Insert bigger aperture, no matter what the outcome (image quality.

  • Size up on steroids

You have to think, towards what type of customers are they targeting this product?

  • If they wanted to attract DSLR users: then they should make the camera bulkier and go with a bigger aperture.

  • If they target P&S users who want all-in-one (and not have 4or more lenses to get the job done) and who can't find a P&S cam with the image quality they want: They did it right. acceptable aperture. acceptable zoom range, still small enough to take everywhere.

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