5D1/5D2/5D3 experience, Canon wins again

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should you upgrade if you own 5D2?

So, should you upgrade if you own 5D2? If money is not a consideration and if you are an enthusiast like me, then the answer is simple. Definitely yes.

There is in fact more than one choice for the answer. I could have easily bought a 5D3, but I decided it was not worth it.

For studio/ladscape, I'd get basically the same images. I also found that I'm not happy with Canon as a company, there is always the feeling they hold back - give with one hand, take with two.

Their sensor technology lags behind as it stands currently - I believe this is the reason Canon has no high MP camera - with current weaker technology they would not compete (at least it wouldn't fit into their business model to produce a very high MP camera with not so good sensor therefore cheap). The new lenses are hyperexpensive.

The true upgrade for the 5D2 owners who bought it for landscape/studio reasons is the D800.

If one thinks changing platform (expensive glass) is expensive read "Are You Really Locked into Glass?": http://www.bythom.com/2012%20Nikon%20News.htm

P.S. I don't argue that for some the 5D3 works better and is worth the price, I responded just to show there are other possibilities out there.

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