Another challenger to s100; Benq G1 with a F1.8 apature

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Re: Another challenger to s100; Benq G1 with a F1.8 apature

Don Fraser wrote:

Mr. BG you get the numba one prize in camera spotting. Excellent work. Only apparent differences are that the zoom goes out to 110 in the BenQ, from 72 in the Samsung and the Samsung has an aperture, while the BenQ has an apature.

Thanks for that!
Personally I prefer aperture every time.

Pretty good review for the Samsung by dpreview!

The EX-1 was very well reviewed by every site that tested it. I don't actually own one but a friend of mine has one. Great image quality and very good construction, I've been very tempted and the slight lack of telephoto range doesn't bother me. They are currently available in the UK at a knock-down price, which suggests a repalcement might soon be forthcoming.

I'm tempted to search further in Samsung to see if the BenQ is now an exact clone of something more recent, but I'm too lazy.

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