Full Frame on the Cheap: 1DsII vs 5D Classic Locked

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Our recommendations:

If you have $1800, it's easy: the D700. You get the ISO and AF performance of the 5D3 in a camera that's five years older and half as expensive when bought used. You also get more DR than the 5D, 5D2, and 5D3. We just bought two and wouldn't trade them for anything.

That said, you might not have $1800 available, which is what you'll need to get a D700 in near new condition. If your budget is closer to $1000, get a 5D and call it a day. It's full frame and it'll meet your needs as you've described them.

Incidentally, we also have a light prime setup for our wedding work. We use a 35, two 50s, and an 85. That's it.

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