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I liked what I saw in the Webinar a couple weeks ago, several options besides the ability to use all your Topaz plugins within one window. It will take some time to really understand it all but that is the way it always is. I downloaded it today, installed, registered and away i went, no problems. I then downloaded it on my Laptop and entered my email address when prompted and all went as smooth as any install I have made. For $29.99 and for someone that has a lot of their products I don't think you can go wrong. The $79.99 normal price may have changed my mind.

Sorry you had problems installing, perhaps the trial version isn't set up as well as the paid for version.


eagle_I wrote:

Turnes out I HAD TO waste more of my time on this amazingly SORRY piece of marketing .... 'er software.

Not only did I have to un-install PhotoFXLab both 32bit and 64bit individually I also had to un-install four other Topaz plug-ins I did not own, but were installed along with FXLab.

Looks to me that this new registration process is not for our security at all, but new marketing strategy for Topaz ... "If they don't want to install our individual trials let's just give it ALL to them ... and then maybe they will BUY!

Not me folks! I'll continue to use the Topaz plug-ins that I've purchased and are useful to me, but unless they come up with a better way of treating current (and prospective) customers I won't let them waste anymore of my time! Now ... to un-subscribe from their mailing list!


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