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Request for Feedback on InstaTone™ Utility

Ronald A Yorko wrote:

I only have two of Topaz's plugins, and this module seems to me to be more of a marketing ploy, as you get previews of all the plugins, but only can use the ones you own. If I had purchased their bundle of plugins it might be OK. Either way, it's a piece of software they should give away for free.

I had a hard time figuring out exactly what this software was for.

For the price, it should do something.

From what I understood, photoFXlab™
(1) serves as a hub for Topaz plugins
(2) copies tone curves from another image (InstaTone™)
(3) is a marketing tool to let you preview their other plugins.

Since you have to buy the Topaz plugins to be able to use them (the complete plugin bundle costs US$299.99), I am not willing to pay for a hub for the Topaz plugins.

I wonder if InstaTone™ (the only real use you can get from photoFXlab™ if you don't buy their other plugins) is worth US$29.99...soon to go up to the regular price of US$79.99.

I hope other forum members here can give feedback on the photoFXlab™ InstaTone™, if it is worth the price...hopefully before the special price expires.

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