Considering Buying an NEX-7: Questions

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Re: Considering Buying an NEX-7: Questions

I'll only hit a couple of things that I don't see addressed in the other responses you got.

3) Movie button - I don't hit it while taking pictures, I've only hit it when I'm moving around and holding the camera somewhere other than to my eye, particularly if I'm holding it one handed and my thumb scrapes along the record button. Such as going form standing to laying down to get a bug's eye view, as one example.

5) As far as "other" points, here's what I've learned about my NEX7.

a) It may be the most fun camera I've owned first and foremost. I can't explain exactly why, it just is.

b) if you have any legacy MF lenses focus peaking is brilliant. It's really rekindled my enjoyment of shooting manual focus. And finally, and possibly most importantly

c) spending a bit of times to take advantage of the customization of the dials and buttons went a LONG way toward enjoyment for me. The out of the box arrangement didn't feel right but once I changed what functions were on what dial/button etc it became second nature to use them and that's when (a) above really kicked in.

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